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October 30, 2023

Multifunctional Rooms: Your Room is Your Comfort Zone

The homebuilders at Monterra, a master-planned residential community in Fate, Texas, understand that a family’s home reflects its lifestyle. To support individual lifestyle choices, interior design trends now favor multifunctionality. 

Traditionally, each room had a single purpose – be it the kitchen, dining room, or bedroom. Multifunctional rooms, spaces that serve more than one purpose, make the most of every square inch of a home. For example, who needs a formal dining room if a family sits at the kitchen table for their meals? Instead, make the dining room into a home office, workout space, family entertainment room, or a combination of all three.

What does it mean to be in the comfort zone? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the comfort zone is “a place where a person can feel at ease, in control of their environment, and free from stress.” A home can become a comfort zone by creating spaces that address each family member’s individual needs. Here’s how.

In the Zone

The first question to answer is how to use the available space? Once that’s decided, it’s important to designate separate areas for different activities. Functional zones can be created by adding tall shelving units, storage areas, and dual-purpose furniture. 

Other ways to define functional zones are by using color selection, rugs, and furniture placement. Interior designers recommend starting with the biggest wall and planning where to place the furniture. If there is an architectural element, like a fireplace or big windows, build around that. 

When designing functional zones in a room, it’s best to start with the largest zone first and fit smaller zones around it. For example, the family seating/entertainment area might be the largest zone. Mom’s meditation/yoga practice area might require a bit more privacy, so it could be moved farther away and be defined by shelving units or room dividers. 

Seeing Double

More than just coffee tables with storage drawers, dual-purpose furniture is standard in multipurpose room design and a smart investment in functionality and flexibility. A pull-out sofa bed or sleeper ottoman in the living room can function as a guest room when relatives are in town. Murphy beds, beds that fold up against the wall, are also making a comeback to maximize space. 

If a home office is needed, but space is not available, there are wall-mounted fold-out desks that include shelving and don’t take up floor space when not in use. Add a few storage ottomans to declutter living spaces. Dual-purpose chairs can be turned upside down to make tables. How about putting a storage bench at the end of the bed to add seating to the bedroom? Storage units with multiple functions, like toy chests, homework areas, and built-in charging stations are welcome additions to any child-friendly room. Kitchen spaces are evolving into multifunctional rooms with the addition of double islands or office space to make spending time with the cook even more inviting.

Winning Combinations

A multifunctional great room is a large open space that often includes the kitchen, dining area, and living room. This kind of open space encourages family time and can lead to a more sociable home where our most important relationships can be nurtured. While dinner is being prepared, homework can be started, instruments can be practiced, or the family can watch a movie they’ve been wanting to see. 

Other winning combinations include a home office that transforms into a guest bedroom, a kitchen that has an arts and crafts area, or even a laundry room that includes a workspace. If there’s no room in the home for a dining room, choose dual-purpose furnishings like a living room shelf that folds out to make a table for entertaining guests.

Outdoor Oasis

The great outdoors can be felt inside by extending multifunctionality to your own backyard. This is especially true with the glorious landscaping around Monterra. 

Patios and other attractive outdoor spaces add to the resale value of a home. Create a family seating and eating area or add an outdoor bar or kitchen to maximize the potential for friends and family to gather. Pergolas, gazebos, and awnings offer shade and protection from the elements. Add to the space by using dual-purpose seating that includes a storage option for pillows or yard toys. Making a connection to nature ranks high on a homebuyer’s wish list.

Multifunctional Living

Monterra offers residents the community-wide version of multifunctionality by providing amenities like pools, pickleball courts, and miles of hiking and biking trails. High functionality includes a first-class school system as well as proximity to all the available shopping and service needs a family might have.  

Monterra serves the dual purpose of being in an area that offers small-town charm while providing easy access to metropolitan opportunities for arts, sports, and culture. 

A home isn’t just a place to live, it’s a comfort zone. Click here to plan a visit and find a comfort zone to call your own.