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May 1, 2023

Monterra: A Perfect Place to Play Pickleball

Fitness experts have long pointed to a troubling statistic. Less than a quarter of U.S. adults get enough physical activity, and that percentage decreases with age. Why is this occurring? 

According to the New York Times, “One of the main barriers to exercising is a lack of social interaction, a big source of motivation. But while 50 percent of people quit exercising six months after starting, research shows that pickleball players (aka “picklers”) keep coming back to the court again and again, primarily because the game is so social. Pickleball, often described as a combination of tennis, Ping-Pong, and badminton, grew nearly 40 percent between 2019 and 2021, making it America’s fastest-growing sport.” 

The developers of Monterra, a master-planned community located northeast of Dallas in Fate, Texas recognize a BIG trend when they see one! That’s why they included this sizzling sport in the amenities of this brand-new community. In addition to a resort-style amenity center, a unique pool, and excellent walking and biking trails, Monterra will have a court for the hottest racket sport on the planet: pickleball. These spectacular amenities are surrounded by the rolling terrain and natural beauty of Lake Ray Hubbard just minutes away.  

What’s Needed to Play Pickleball?

Like golf, pickleball is multi-generational in its appeal. Unlike golf, the required equipment to play is minimal.

According to this source, “Pickleball is very affordable and easy to pick up since you only need basic gear to get started. If you decide that you enjoy pickleball and want to play seriously, you can always invest in better gear the further along you go. To begin, you’ll need a paddle, a ball, appropriate apparel, a net, and a court to play on.

  • Paddles

These are larger than table tennis paddles but smaller than normal tennis rackets. They can be made of a wide range of materials – wood, graphite, aluminum, or other composite material.

  • Ball

Originally pickleball was played with a spare wiffle ball. However, now the game is played with a similar ball that is still lightweight and with holes. However, make sure you pick up the right pickleball because there is a difference between indoor and outdoor balls.

  • Apparel

Unlike tennis or other sports, there is no official dress code for picklers. All that is needed is basic apparel and comfortable tennis shoes that allow easy side-to-side movement.

Basic Rules of Pickleball – Here’s the Dill

There are few sports, with this many die-hard players, easier to learn than pickleball. According to this pickleball website: Pickleball can be played as either singles or doubles and the rules are the same for both iterations. 

  • Without bouncing the ball off the court, it must be served underhanded and diagonally to the opponent’s service court from behind the baseline.
  • The serve must clear the net and may not land in the kitchen!
  • Points are scored when the opponent faults (failing to return the ball, hitting the ball out of bounds or into the net). 
  • Only the serving individual/team can score.
  • The server will continue to serve, each time by alternating service courts, until the serving side faults. 
  • Games are played to at least 11 points and must be won by a lead of 2.
  • After the ball is served, the ball must bounce at least once on each side before being able to volley the ball. This is known as the double bounce rule. 
  • Players cannot volley the ball while standing within the non-volley zone or on the non-volley line.

For more detailed rules, court size, and sequence of play, just click here.

Life Is Better Here

Pickleball fanatics are not the only people who will love living in Monterra. Anyone who wants a quiet lifestyle that’s close enough to work and entertainment in Dallas but far enough away to feel like the country, will love this immaculate master-planned community. 

Monterra is in Fate, Texas which is about 5 miles east of downtown Rockwall on Texas State Highway 66. Downtown Royse City is 4 miles to the northeast. The community is also about 10 miles from one of the most popular recreational lakes in Texas – Lake Ray Hubbard.

Come see what living in a resort feels like. Just click here. Oh, and don’t forget your paddle.