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April 30, 2024

Monterra and Rockwall ISD: A Study in Excellence

Which comes first, a great community or great schools? 

Monterra,  a beautifully designed, master-planned community located in Fate, Texas is part of Rockwall ISD. This is a district which has earned an “A” rating for the past three years from the Texas Education Agency. This is no coincidence.  Most experts agree that education is the great equalizer in our society.

Monterra is highly rated by its community residents for the quality of the lifestyle it provides. With its ideal location just northeast of Dallas in Rockwall County, residents can take advantage of all that comes from living in an urban area – entertainment venues, sporting events, cultural centers, and employment opportunities – but still appreciate the many charms associated with living in a small town.  

Underscored by its many upscale resort amenities  and the convenience and availability of nearby services, Monterra is the kind of place where bright futures are built.

Fate Brought You Here

By the mid 1880’s, Fate had a population of about 100 citizens and the local children went to school in a small two-room schoolhouse. It wasn’t until 1911 that a new brick school was built, at a cost of about $13,000. This new Fate school had an active PTA, football, and basketball teams, and a pep squad. 

During the Great Depression of the 1930s, the town’s population dwindled due to economic hardships. The high school closed its doors, leaving only the elementary school open. The women of Fate came together to buy playground equipment for the children by sewing a quilt and then holding a raffle to raise funds. Ladies each paid fifty cents for a square which they embroidered with the name of their family.  The PTA quilt remains on display today at Fate City Hall. 

As the Depression continued to drag on the population of this small town declined even more, until the school returned to one-room schoolhouse status. By 1949, the Fate school had closed its doors forever due to a lack of enrollment. The Royse City Bank returned the building to the townspeople and ever resourceful, the locals tore it down and sold the bricks to raise funds for the Community Center that still stands downtown today.

    Education Is the Way to Step into the Future

    According to the educational ranking website Niche, of the 11,000 Best School Districts in America, Rockwall ISD ranks at #349, an impressive accomplishment. In fact, Rockwall places #108 out of the top 10,000 school districts for upcoming athletes in America. The Rockwall school district is deservedly proud of their proficiency scores in math and reading, as well as its 98% graduation rate.

    It’s well-known that families with children prioritize the quality of nearby schools when they consider buying a new home. Homes located in good school districts, characterized by high-quality education and impressive school scores, command higher prices compared to those in lower-performing districts. Buyers are often willing to pay a little more for homes in desirable school districts and avoid the higher costs associated with private schools. 

    Many school districts rely on local property taxes for their funding. It then stands to reason that upscale neighborhoods with higher home values lead to better-funded schools, with upgraded facilities, first-rate teachers, and greater resources. Desirable schools attract more new families, creating an educational positive feedback loop that continues to expand. 

    Unlocking Potential

    Rockwall ISD believes that school success is the result of a collaboration between schools, families, and the community at large. The school district promotes the idea that an emphasis on collaboration with families and the community creates an educational culture where learners can thrive. 

    Parent workshops and seminars are organized throughout the year to better equip parents with the tools and the knowledge they need to effectively support their students. Rockwall ISD values active family participation and the pivotal role that parents play in ensuring a child’s school success.

    Grow Where You’re Planted

    The phrase “grow where you’re planted” encourages you to find a place where you can flourish and thrive in life. Flourishing means, to keep learning and expanding your knowledge and to invest in personal and professional development. By putting a high premium on a quality education children will thrive, and families and the greater community make an investment in a brighter future. 

    The same could be said of investing in a quality home. 

    Buying a home at Monterra, designed in partnership with a team of premier construction professionals, fosters a renewed sense of belonging and personal identity. Owning a “forever” home provides Monterra families with a comforting sense of stability. Children have the privilege of growing up in a safe and consistent environment, attending the same schools, and building lasting friendships which contribute to a greater sense of emotional security. 

    A Bright Future

    In terms of education, excellence stands for the highest standard of performance and achievement. Rockwall ISD, a forward-thinking school district, is actively working on expanding its educational facilities. Based on demographic projections, the district is planning the construction of two new future-ready high schools.  

    The future looks bright at Monterra too, where miles of hiking and biking trails, acres of natural beauty, and homes that surpass the standard of excellence await you. Just ask the families who are flourishing there. Better yet why not come see for yourself? Click here to set an appointment.