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August 31, 2023

DFW Moves Into the Top 5 Areas for Population Growth

The current metro area population of Dallas-Fort Worth in 2023 is 6,574,000, a 1.33% increase from 2022. Ask why and you’ll find out that business is booming! DFW’s economy has grown faster than those of its three largest rivals (New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago). A young and fast-growing workforce gives the DFW metro area a distinct competitive edge. 

The outcome of a booming economy is a mutually beneficial relationship between population growth and home construction. If you’ve recently relocated to the DFW area, or if you’re already a resident looking to buy your dream home, look no further. Come to Monterra, a 231-acre master-planned residential community in Fate, Texas one of the fastest-growing cities in Rockwall County just north of Dallas.

Designer/Architect Charles Eames famously said that the details are not the details – they make the design. Master-planned communities like Monterra offer a variety of housing sizes and prices. Attention to detail like greenspace landscaping and lovely shared amenities encourages a sense of community and interaction among neighbors. Schools, neighborhood shopping centers, and services are located close by.

Economic Impact on Education

Schools are one of the most important considerations parents have when building a new home. Monterra outperforms in this area! Children who live in Monterra attend the Rockwall Independent School District schools, a three-year recipient of an ‘A’ district accountability rating from the Texas Education Agency. Not only that, the connection between economic development and education cannot be underestimated. Most schools are funded by property taxes, so it stands to reason that a prosperous community can afford to spend on what matters most, like kids and education. 

Customer Appreciation

There are several factors that typically result in the appreciation of a property’s value. For example, location, school performance, consumer demand, and amenities, to name a few.  Did you know that a homeowner’s property value is positively impacted by increases in economic development and population growth? According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, due to economic success, the rise in Texas home prices has outpaced that of the nation for more than a decade! The U.S. Census data demonstrates that DFW suburbs continue to see huge population gains, powered by a young, professional workforce seeking better jobs and new homes. 

Monterra, located about 30 minutes from Dallas, is situated in the charming town of Fate. “Location is everything” can also be quantified by “Lifestyle is everything!” Monterra answers the call by providing families with the best of both worlds.

Cultural Competence

If you value cultural diversity, DFW is the place to be. International migration continues to climb, making the area one of the most populous and diverse in the country. Diversity is good for you and good for your wallet too. Immigration to the DFW metro area brings in new people, as well as new ideas, fresh perspectives, and cutting-edge skills and technology. 

It’s a fact that cities that embrace diversity capitalize on it, revitalizing the economy at the same time. Consider the importance of diversity and multicultural awareness in education. Children who grow up in a multicultural society become culturally responsive adults. 

The Competitive Advantage

If it’s true that diversity gives a city a competitive edge, how does that apply to building a new home? Instead of a competitive edge, it might be more accurate to call it a competitive advantage. A competitive advantage is defined as the advantage one place has over another in the same or a similar location. 

Monterra has got it! Easy accessibility to the fastest-growing, culturally diverse metro area in the country gives it a competitive advantage. A charming location away from the hustle and bustle of the urban streets, while also benefiting from big-city access to culture, arts, and financial opportunities is a competitive advantage again. A school system that strives for excellence, a  friendly community designed to support an active lifestyle, fishing, and boating at Lake Ray Hubbard, it’s all there. 

It’s true what they say: seeing is believing. Click here and see what competitive advantages living at Monterra is all about.